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One complete solution

The software developed by SoftLine covers all the requirements of management of a modern Institute of Vigilance.

Is composed by various modules that can be integrated in several makes.

Every module can easy moreover be interfaced with other software already present in the company of the customer (as an example accounting, wages, etc...)



Prices personalize to you based on the modules acquired and to the seats to manage

New versions are available for all the modules

Small Business

that guarantee the full operativity and the customary wealth of functions to a price still more convenient. Contact us for more details.

The suite is integrated and flexible a product fines business, that it concurs easy of being personalized for eventual particular requirements of the customer.




Scheduling of services automatic, semi-automatic and manual allocation of the guard's to the services. Management of the shifts, the spins and the qualifications of the guard to the places. Control of the places discoveries and the double allocation. Connection of gives you of the presences to the invoicing and to the wages. More
GesVig Administrative management services from contract and extra-contract periodic automatic Invoicing (monthly, quarterly, etc...) of forfait services and to hours. Management participations (also with exemption). Statistics and interrogations on contracts and the turnover. Connection of gives you to the accounting. More
LibLic Management expirations Port of crews, booklets and you decree to automatic Press of the documentation in paper use I brand and of bulletins of checking account. Memorandum for practices to the polygon More
GesCen Total management Operating Centre Helps concretely the operating ones of centers them during the multiple carried out activities. It manages the customers, the equipment, the participations, complaints and the a lot other  More
MemoRing Awake Management Extemporaneous and repetitive, for turn on/turn off alarms, verifications, expirations etc... Exchange messages between customers of the inner net for the passage of deliveries and memorandum. It uses simple (without the necessity to get crazy with Microsoft Outlook!)  More
GesVest Management warehouse clothing and material of consumption in kind, with ransoms and expirations for dependent, situation of warehouse and orders to the supplier with automatic proposal. More
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